Welcome to BC Refed

Welcome to BC Refed

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Why Direct Democracy?
By the time British Columbians arrive at the voting booth for the next provincial election, everyone will see clearly why direct democracy is the only system of government that will allow the public to influence politics, politicians and bureaucrats. Whether British Columbians choose direct democracy or the status quo is up to each individual person. Collectively, British Columbians will have an opportunity to make that choice; it is a choice that has never been available to us prior to 2005.

We will post BC Refed open letters, opposition to government bills, articles for British Columbians’ consideration, and opinions on policies or practices of the government or the official opposition to which the public objects.

You can help us. Write a letter, an article, or send us an email about things you believe need the public’s attention. A donation, no matter how small, will be used judiciously to gather material and maintain the BC Refed website. Please donate.
BC Refederation Party
BC Refed is unlike every other political party in British Columbia. It is the only political party that will work toward a Direct Democracy political system for British Columbia.

Direct Democracy is the only system that will allow British Columbians to control their politicians and governments.

Direct Democracy compels the government to follow the democratic will of the public. Direct Democracy is the system of government sought by people all over the world.

Direct Democracy has been used in Switzerland for more than one hundred years.
BC Refed Priorities include:
A stable economy supported by transparent, accountable and responsible financial management.

Restructuring Social Services with a focus on keeping families together and providing support when necessary.

Seniors in care facilities must be kept safe and provided safe and compassionate care. They have earned the right.
BC Refed is Setting Goals to:
Protect agricultural and arable land from development.

Protect our food supply by decreasing soil pollution, increasing inspection in all aspects.

Protect our water from pollutants and exhaustion.

The healthcare system can only function properly and expeditiously when adequately staffed by well-trained practitioners with the most up-to-date equipment and technology. Healthcare training for employment can be provided by a revenue-neutral financing program.

British Columbia high school graduates will have first opportunity. Improve Education standards with more emphasis on the sciences. Parents must be better-informed about their student`s competency by more accurate reporting.

Authorized by the BC Refederation Party
Liz Galenzoski / Financial Agent