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The Quest for Direct Democracy

May 9, 2017

Election Day in Beautiful British Columbia

Written by N. E. (Liz) Galenzoski 

Today is a special day in BC, although few people are yet aware of how things are really changing in British Columbia.

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Liz Galenzoski

A few very determined and hard-working people have opened the minds of many British Columbians to the idea that what we have as a government is not democracy at all. It is an illusion.

Within the last few weeks while travelling around my community, listening to talk radio, as I always do, I heard the show host state unequivocally that a majority government is a dictatorship. And dictatorships are known to mean that one person, or perhaps a small group, has the power to rule over the public. This was not shocking news to me, but the public statement of it was surprising.

This very public statement on a popular radio station was, euphorically, music to my ears. Instead of the common, repetitious refrain ‘the best democracy in the world’ someone was bold enough to dispel this myth and say it like it is. It validates the efforts of a handful of people who continue the hard work it takes to introduce a new idea to a large public who generally only complain about the wrongs they see and who must endure what they know is not in their best interests. 

Three candidates, with only a few hundred dollars, have managed to introduce a direct democracy political party into this election. 

Thousands of people will see the name of the party and the names of the candidates on the ballots on which they will make their choice. Most people do not yet know what it means, but they have received a hint of something really new and different, and it involves each of them. 

Their voices are about to be heard!

The jobs of this small group, who are working to establish a political system (which only exists in Switzerland at present) that will give the taxpaying, voting public the ability to shed any signs of dictatorships and collectively have the controlling hand over their governments, will begin tomorrow, May 10, 2017. 

There is a sign of a brighter future ahead!

The Principles of the BC Refederation Party 

The Principles of BC Refed were made non-amendable by the founders of the party, for the protection of members.

The Principles contain the main thrust and intent of the party, and are intended to ensure that the party's main course cannot be altered by "latecomers".

Everything else in the party is subject to the approval of the membership. The Principles of the Party are:

  1. As government, the BC Refederation Party will, within 100 days, legislate an irrevocable BC Direct Democracy Act, comprising Initiative, Referendum and Recall, which will be binding and workable. This Act will be approved by a referendum of the voters of British Columbia.
  2. As government, the BC Refederation Party will act immediately to regain control of all provincial jurisdictions and powers. Where legislation by a BC Refederation Party government, passed in order to comply with the wishes of the majority of BC voters, runs contrary to Canadian federal legislation, the BC legislation will prevail throughout the province.
  3. At the direction of the BC voters, a BC Refederation Party government will eventually start negotiations with a view to entering a federation with other like-minded provinces of Canada.
  4. Subject to a BC referendum, the official language of BC will be English, the international language of business.

BCR Policy List 2017.pdf



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Liz Galenzoski / Financial Agent

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