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The Quest for Direct Democracy


Postponed to a December date: 1 hour live interview on CHLY Radio (7:00 - 8:00 p.m.) Nanaimo, with Liz Galenzoski and Terry Hand.

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BC Refed's New Blog! 

British Columbia is in Trouble. Here is the solution! 

December 1, 2017, BC Refed will open a blog available to everyone who is working for the changes that British Columbians want and need and which can only be achieved by changing the political system from a ruling government to a serving government where voters have ultimate authority, a Direct Democracy government.

The blog can be accessed from the link on our home page, or from

We have all the modern tools to spread the words of many British Columbians who have great ideas but lack traction.

See the link image - called Blog-Site - below.

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