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Terry Hand

Electoral District: Parksville - Qualicum

Is a Nanaimo resident since 1990 where he and his wife built their home. He has been married 48 years and has two sons and daughter-in-laws and two grandchildren, with whom he is actively involved by giving care and helping with their education.

Terry has been with BC Refed for eight years. Throughout that time, he has served on the executive and volunteered in the position of communications director for the party.

In 2010, Terry volunteered his time, energy and skills as regional director for the four mid Vancouver Island electoral districts in the successful Fight HST campaign, British Columbia’s first provincial referendum. Nanaimo was the first electoral district to reach its 10% required signatures.

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Terry researches and is a proliferous writer of articles, posts, and comments for BC Refed. There can be no doubt as to his political knowledge and leanings.

Terry Hand has life experience on both sides of the Atlantic. He was born and raised to adulthood in England. He has witnessed the actions and results of many political administrations on both sides of the ocean.

Currently, Terry is semi-retired operating a home-based import/export product distribution business, and during the summer months he travels to many BC communities with rides and activities for all to enjoy. He began his amusement ride company in 1993.

Prior, Terry spent 10 years in the financial services industry providing and implementing group benefit plans and pension plans to large, medium, and small businesses, as well as providing segregated funds and other registered and non-registered savings vehicles to his many clients.

Terry established himself in Canada as a self-employed building contractor in Victoria, BC, using the training, skills, and experience acquired in England where he had completed a 6-year apprenticeship program in carpentry and cabinetmaking. Also, he had worked in heavy construction, concrete column and beam hi-rise buildings for both union and non-union companies before he came to Canada.

Terry Hand’s motivation for taking an interest in politics is attributed to the fact he is very discouraged by the direction the world is being driven, locally, provincially, nationally, and internationally. He is concerned for the kind of future and the debt his grandchildren and their children will have to face.

Financial Agent: Betsy Hand

Liz Galenzoski

Electoral District: Surrey - Panorama.

She is an active senior with a passion for life especially in politics and education. She shares her time in both fields with knowledge and concern for the future.

Liz was born, raised, and married in Saskatchewan. She and her family have moved around the three western provinces, usually for work. She has had numerous interesting jobs. She was the first woman working as a drywall taper, a skill she learned from her husband. She drove bus at the oil sands mines in Fort McMurray and renovated a house before moving back to British Columbia a third time.

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Currently, Liz is building a home-based tutoring business helping students have a better and more successful educational experience.

Mixed with the responsibility of raising a family and working outside the home, Liz has found time to be well informed on politics and commerce. Research and political history are important to her. She has collaborated on researching and writing a book about money and banking, which clarified and confirmed to her the workings of economic cycles and the harsh and problematic periods of inflation and recessions.

There is no challenge too great for Liz. She firmly believes governance without adequate checks and balances will always benefit a few at the expense of the many. If governments are in place to serve, then it follows that the public must have the authority to make the final decisions.

Liz Galenzoski believes that a direct democracy system will create a respectful environment of collective management between government and the public. This is the legacy she wants to build for her family and all British Columbians.

Financial Agent: Liz Galenzoski

Dan Cebuliak

Electoral District: Mid Island - Pacific Rim

Dan Cebuliak is a British Columbian, born and raised in the Alberni Valley. Growing up, he enjoyed local outdoor activities and found his first job at the local Somass Sawmill.

After some employment interruptions following a buy-out of the sawmill, Dan moved to Alberta in search of work and eventually landed in Fort McMurray. There he found similar circumstances of layoffs due to recessions. He moved back to Port Alberni only to find forestry workers were also being laid off.

In 1982, Dan became involved in the Organization of Unemployed Workers. In the fall, the idea of the On to Victoria Trek was born at the Vancouver Island Coalition of the Unemployed.

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In April 1983, unemployed workers set out from Campbell River three days before Port Alberni workers converged with them at the intersection of Highways 4&19. They gathered more workers in Nanaimo. By the time they reached Victoria they were about eighty strong. That culminated with a large rally in Victoria of approximately ten thousand trade unionists who supported the unemployed. Since that time many questions have been raised with regard to the system and the reason behind high unemployment in a province of plenty.

In 1992, Dan moved back to Alberta, and worked in the Oil Industry until 2004.

Later that year, he bought a house in Chetwynd B.C, where he built his own woodworking shop and began a satisfying career. He developed his own line of patio furniture, which became very popular along with other items that customers wanted custom built. Dan was doing well.

When the recession of 2008 hit, in less than one month, two years worth of orders were canceled, and by 2009 he had lost everything he owned.

By the fall of 2010 Dan found himself homeless on the streets of Edmonton which lasted eighteen months, where he quickly discovered there was no help for him or for many other people who were there because of similar situations.
At about that time, he learned that four of Canada’s biggest banks had received a $114 billion dollar bail out! At that moment he vowed to do whatever he could to change government in some positive way.

He decided to come back to BC, Port Alberni, his home town where he lives now and is determined to stay.

Since his return, he has been active in attempting to protect the watershed where Island Timberlands have logged, and with the provincial government’s blessing, that is still an issue. Many other issues have come up that he works to mobilize people to speak out and get involved.

Dan says that when BC Refed contacted him over an article he wrote exposing the numbers of unemployed in the Alberni Vally alone, he jumped at the opportunity to work with other like-minded people.When he was asked to run, he said, “Yes.”

YES! to Direct Democracy, after all those years, he recognized a solution to the undemocratic political power in our province and the issues that face so many people.

“It is years of heartache and experience that I bring to this election, along with the dedication, and knowledge to help forever change the landscape of provincial politics.”

Financial Agent: Harold Thomas

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