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Call for Volunteers

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Are you disillusioned with BC politics and government? Are you tired of scandals and excuses? Do you believe ordinary British Columbians who love this province could do a better job?

If you answered Yes to these questions, then you have found the solution to these problems.

We have an opportunity to bring direct democracy to British Columbia. Direct democracy can  stop government corruption and abuse of power by giving the final decision-making power to the people of the province with effective initiative, referendum and recall - Direct Democracy.

We can use your help! We are organizing people in the following areas:

•        Public speakers
•        Editorial and technical writers
•        Editors
•        Researchers
•        Social media communicators
•        Fundraisers
•        Event organizers
If you have a few hours each week, you can be part of a movement never seen before in BC!

Currently, we are working with volunteers to reach our goals. With your assistance, there will come opportunities for which remuneration will be available through the party and/or government positions.

If you want a truly prosperous province with real integrity, accountability, and responsibility, please join us!
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