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The Principles of the BC Refederation Party

The Principles of the BC Refederation Party Important Note

The Principles of BC Refed were made non-amendable by the founders of the party, for the protection of members.
The Principles contain the main thrust and intent of the party, and are intended to ensure that the party's main course cannot be altered by "latecomers".
Everything else in the party is subject to the approval of the membership. The Principles of the Party are:
  1. As government, the BC Refederation Party will, within 100 days, legislate an irrevocable BC Direct Democracy Act, comprising Initiative, Referendum and Recall, which will be binding and workable. This Act will be approved by a referendum of the voters of British Columbia.
  2. As government, the BC Refederation Party will act immediately to regain control of all provincial jurisdictions and powers. Where legislation by a BC Refederation Party government, passed in order to comply with the wishes of the majority of BC voters, runs contrary to Canadian federal legislation, the BC legislation will prevail throughout the province.
  3. At the direction of the BC voters, a BC Refederation Party government will eventually start negotiations with a view to entering a federation with other like-minded provinces of Canada.
  4. Subject to a BC referendum, the official language of BC will be English, the international language of business.