Welcome to BC Refed


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There has never been a time when it has been more important to join BCR than right now!
Mainstream party governments have a long history of increasing the provincial debt, risking commerce and families with increased tax burdens, compromising BC Hydro, threatening the fish industry, destroying BC’s forests, and selling off BC’s resources and assets, to mention a only a few points.

You have had no say in these decisions and policies. You have not been able to stop it! Under the present system of representative democracy, you cannot influence government between elections, and you cannot overturn their rules, laws, and policies by electing a different mainstream party.

Unless you are in agreement with how you are being governed, the system must be changed.

BC Refed has offered real and effective change for more than ten years. Only BC Refed has had the foresight and courage to offer direct democracy, a system of government that will put the governed (citizens) in charge of politicians.

This is our time. BC Refed is our party. BC Refed will be the only government willing to be bound by the wishes of the citizens of BC. This is our time.

Join BC Refed right now.

Together we can do this!