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No Goverment Sell-Out

February 07, 2014

By: Liz Galenzoski

This is the update I promised for the internet link that went astray just over a week ago now. I wrote about the incident in a bulletin and posted it on the BC Refed website. I posed several questions about the fact that this had occurred. One possibility was that the government was privatizing government documents. I am glad to report that this is not the case.

Quickscribe is a licensed business now thirty years old based in Victoria, BC. It serves numerous businesses, professions, and government offices with new and updated legislation. The fee the company charges is for services added. Quickscribe will soon provide annotation services, which is an added feature.

After having spoken to the owner, I am satisfied that my questions - which everyone in similar circumstances should ask - have been answered. This includes the questions: How did this happen in the first place?

The answer to how it happened is in the procedures used by Quickscribe to get the public’s attention for their company and services.

When I checked the link in our article, somehow it picked up Quickscribe Services instead of going to the government website from where I had originally linked it and checked it a few times.

The end result is that we are now more aware of ways in which links can be problematic in articles, and the reader may not be able to open or view a link, or the wrong page might appear as it did in this case.

We will discuss the potential link problems with our technician/webmaster in the next day or so, and we will give an explanation of how links will be handled on our website with our next posting.

Finally, I am pleased to announce that free government legislative documents will continue to be available on the internet. These documents are generally adequate for our needs, but they are not considered official due to the risk of tampering with anything posted on line.

If you require official legislative documents, they are available from the Queens Printer, in which case there is a charge.

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Thank you for your interest in BC Refed and your patience.

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