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Restructuring -The push to 2017

October 21, 2013

By: Terry Hand

After almost a year of restructuring and preparing a new look, combined with new promotional literature and website, the BC Refed party is now positioned to resume its journey along the path to the BC Legislature.

Other than the new party image, the core principles of the party have not changed one iota. Installing a government in Victoria which will respect at all cost the will of the people, is still and will remain the primary objective. More and more people are beginning to embrace the idea of Direct Democracy, Direct Democracy parties are springing up in Ireland, Poland, Italy and even in the US. The time is here to divest ourselves of the old system which encourages representatives to disavow themselves of their constituents. I don't need to tell you that the old system does not work, deep down I think everyone knows that.

**We need your help!**

More than ever we need your support, we need volunteers who can write letters to local newspapers, who can help us spread the word of Direct Democracy, who can help organize regional district groups. We also need to grow our numbers, we need passionate people who believe in the concept of Direct Democracy and representing the "will" of the people to become candidates.

We need members and past members to rejoin. If you have inadvertently allowed your membership to lapse, I urge you NOW to click here and renew your membership. It costs only $10.00 per year and you will receive a tax receipt for your membership and any donation you make to the extent permitted by the CRA.

**Contact us!**

We want to hear from you. We want to hear your concerns, your suggestions, your opinions. You can call 604 593-4833, send an email to info.bcr@bcrefed.com , or write to the address below. To subscribe to our bulletins Opt-In by signing up here

There has never been a time where it has been more important to join BCR than right now!

BC Refed 573, 7360 137 Street, Surrey, BC V3W 1A3