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About BC Refed

The BC Refederation Party, or Refed as it is commonly known, was established in 2000. The details of the creation of the party will be found on our history page.

Refed is a very unique party in the BC political arena. It is unique in that it offers solutions to BC voters which are not, and have never been, offered as an option by any other political party. Refed has a very simple mandate, which is to empower the people with political tools they don't currently possess. For example the current political system works as follows:

Each four years or so at election time voters have the opportunity to vote for a party candidate or an independent candidate of their choosing. Selection by the voter is most often based upon what platform the candidate is campaigning on and what matches the voter’s ideals.

There is little mention during a campaign that party candidates once elected will be required to adhere to the requirements of their party whip, their party leader, or both. The conformity of the candidate, now an MLA (Member of the Legislature) is required, even if it is completely at odds with the will of the constituents of the MLA. This is called "toeing the party line" and is the primary reason for broken election promises.

Once the election is over and the party is elected, the voters (the electorate) under the current system have no further input or recourse with regards to the actions and legislation which the new government proposes. In fact the voters now have to wait approximately four years before they can have any further involvement in the process of government at the next election where the process is repeated.

However, corporations, such as banks etc, have the opportunity to influence the government every day the government is in session through a system referred to as lobbying. Lobbying is a very effective way for corporations to influence the government to bring in statutes and legislation which will benefit the corporations or banks, and corporations spend huge amounts of money to have their lobbyists in the legislature influencing the MLAs.

Now compare the current system to the new proposed system which the BC Refed has developed for the people of BC. Refed has developed this system in order to recognize and respect the supremacy of the taxpayers/citizens over their government representatives.

The ongoing collaboration of both the voters and government using an established direct democracy model is vital to the future of the province and the people. Freedom to choose and the ability to be collectively involved with decisions regarding the province will ensure that a fair and equitable state exists for all. To this end BC Refed have created a set of *rules that will govern the actions of members of the legislative assembly (MLAs). BC Refed recognizes that rules are pointless without consequences and the ability to make politicians accountable for their actions and so that too is being addressed.

Within the first six months a BC Refed government will introduce the BC Direct Democracy Act. This act will guarantee the right of all BC voters to be active throughout the tenure of any elected BC government, that is to say, voters will have their say between elections. They will be actively involved in making decisions on government proposed bills, legislation and proposing new ideas for implementation. This active interaction between any BC government from that point on and the collective mind pool of voters will ensure that decisions on important issues and projects will get the most meaningful consideration and thus better overall decisions affecting our province.